CASH­BOARD is prepar­ing for big changes

We are the fastest growing online wealth manager in Germany. But now the time has come to lift CASHBOARD to a new level.

So what do we do?

We bring transpa­rency

We help any person with any budget to find the best solution for their personal investment.

Vision Statement:

We are the #1 curated marketplace for retail investment

The problem we solve

Call Money, Stocks, Crowdfunding. There are plenty of investment products available on the market. Trust in banks is not yet restored while new players, the so called FinTechs, are entering the game.

Yet, same as with the banks they mostly are just another provider trying to sell their own product.
For average retail clients this makes it even harder to decide with whom to invest.

When we founded CASHBOARD 2014 we set sails for a long term vision:

To build the 1st curated marketplace for retail investment.

We identify and combine the best products from the best providers on one online platform making them understandable and accessible for everyone.

In addition, our technology enables anyone to invest into an individual portfolio of various products completely online.

Why we can do this

CASHBOARD is not "just another robo advisor".

After the term became popular numerous websites started offering basically only one product: passive index funds called ETF. Often they are even limited to one issuer and the “robo” turns out to be prefabricated and standardized portfolios.

CASHBOARD is Europe´s first and only online platform combining:

  • bulb various products,
  • factory from various asset classes,
  • globe and various providers,
  • case in one single account.

We follow a 100% provider independent approach combined with a rigorous selection process in order to provide our clients with the best solution.

Our journey

After an incredible successful start we are proud to be the fastest growing online wealth manager and market leader in Germany. We will enable a completely new user experience

which will reshape the way we handle our savings and investments. Our aim is clear: CASHBOARD will help you to tailor an individual and transparent investment plan towards your needs.

What we achieved so far

100 % online

1st 100 % paperless account opening process in Germany for personal bank investment account

6,000 products available

1st and only provider independent marketplace for retail investment in Europe

€ 500,000 saved fees

1st and only account free of any fixed cost (10 % profit share only)

+1,000 % growth 2015

Fastest growing online wealth manager in new clients