Maximum security for your investment

Security of bank account

Your money is deposited with a licensed, German bank, hence the bankruptcy of CASHBOARD would not have any implications on you. Our partner bank is the European Bank for Financial Services - ebase which is part of the comdirekt group with its head office in Aschheim, Bavaria

Security through German legal deposit insurance

Your money is 100 percent secured at ebase, through the German legal deposit insurance, up to 100.000 € in terms of sight and savings accounts.

Security of Funds

If your money is invested in funds, these are secured as special assets. Even in the case of bankruptcy of CASHBOARD, the bank or the investment company, you are 100 percent secured.

Security through capital protection

With Cashboard your money will be invested strongly diversified. Thus fluctuations on your account can be reduced. If you decide to use our Capital Protection Account (Kapitalschutzkonto), we guarantee you 100% capital preservation.
Capital protection guarantees you 2% minimum return and 100% capital preservation for amounts up to 10.000€. Of course you have unlimited access to your money at any time.

Deposit Protection

Also valid for EU and non-EU citizens / Even above 100.000 €

+ Your investment account managed by our German partner bank ebase, is subject to the German rules of legal deposit insurance. ebase has joined the Deposit Insurance Funds of the Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken).

+ The Deposit Insurance Fund protects all liabilities towards customers, which are disclosed in the balance sheet. These include sight, time and savings deposits. The protection ceiling per client amounts until the 31st of December 2019 20%, until 31st of December 2024 15% and from the 1st of January 2025 8,75% of ebase own funds. The protection ceiling therefore amounts, in accordance with paragraph 6 (1) of the Statutes for the Joint Fund for Securing Customer Deposits (Statut für den Einlagensicherungsfonds), at 31 August 2016, 5.062.000 Euro per customer. For you as a Customer this means that your deposits are secured up to this amount. The Association of German Banks annually updates this limit.

+ Different to other accounts with international direct banks in Germany or even investments with banks abroad, your investment account is protected by the German Deposit Protection.

+ If you own several accounts at ebase, the claim for compensation applies for all accounts together.

+ More information regarding the Deposit Insurance Fund can be found on the homepage of the Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken).

Data Security

Your data will remain in Germany

The German data protection law is among the most stringent in the world and financial data is, alongside with personal data, among the most sensitive data. Therefore, do not give your data abroad but enjoy with CASHBOARD the highest security of your data.

+ Statutory data protection: CASHBOARD protects your data in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the European Data Protection Law in consistency with obligations under the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) of the European Parliament.

+ Technical data protection: CASHBOARD stores your data exclusively on high security servers at high security data centers within the Federal Republic of Germany.

+ Organisational data protection: storage and processing of your data only takes place, if it is necessary to process your investment with CASHBOARD. The transfer is restricted to authorized partners like your custodian bank ebase or similar partners, with which you want to invest through CASHBOARD. The transfer only takes place, if you agree explicitly. The data protection measures at CASHBOARD are regulated in our binding Data Protection Directive.

+ We take data protection very seriously and secure customer data comprehensively. We guarantee you that you can request information about and delete your data at anytime. For more information regarding data security at CASHBOARD note our Data Protection Directive.

High-security technology

Secure data processing

Cahsboard GmbH, operator of CASHBOARD, is one of the leaders in the field of financial technology in Germany and invests together with your account-holding partner bank ebase (subsidiary company of comdirect), in the latest security technology to protect your data and your investment.

+ German server in high security data rooms

CASHBOARD exclusively uses server at data rooms located in Germany, which are certified according to the highest security guidelines. During the direct processing by CASHBOARD employees or systems, your data does not leave Germany at any point.

+ SSL encryption

The SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) ensures that confidential information is secured by a key. Only you, your computer and CASHBOARD know this key. Every time you access CASHBOARD, an encrypted connection is established. To sum it up: no one but you and CASHBOARD can read your data.

+ Verification

The lock symbol in the browser shows, that you access CASHBOARD via an encrypted connection. We use a digital SSL safety certificate of the security specialist Comodo, one of the worlds leading provider of SSL certificates.

+ Firewall technology

A firewall prevents unauthorized access to our portal and secures your data at CASHBOARD effectively.

+ PIN/TAN procedure

For a transaction at your account-holding bank - ebase – the PIN/TAN procedure is used exclusively. After successful confirmation of your account opening, your PIN and TAN lists are sent to you in two separate letters directly from ebase. Only you can access your account and savings account via secure online banking of ebase. Therefore you are perfectly protected.

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