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The CASHBOARD promise: No fixed fees - only 10 % profit-sharing

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no fixed fees

CASHBOARD guarantees:

  • no account fees
  • no platform or management fees
  • no transaction fees charged by CASHBOARD
  • agio (100 % deduction of issue surcharges)

Opening and managing an account/deposit is absolutely free of charge. CASHBOARD will completely cover all fees for opening a deposit account at our partner bank ebase. All investments with our investments partners are free of any additional fees and with a best price guarantee, meaning with CASHBOARD you will get the same or even better conditions compared to a signup with a partner directly.

That is how fair our profit-sharing is

CASHBOARD only earns, when you earn money

Hence, you will receive a higher return than from your current or instant access savings account and it is guaranteed that you do not pay anything until you have made a profit.

That is what clients have already saved on fees with CASHBOARD

5 5 3 . 8 1 3

How we calculate this number: For simplification, the calculation is based on a three way separation of the remaining market participants: traditional branch banks, online broker and robo-advisors/online agents. Within these groups we have averaged the registration fee and the annual fees. For the calculation itself the groups have been rated similar to their market share.

And how much do you pay your financial adviser on a loss?

That is why CASHBOARD is more favourable

Never overpay

CASHBOARD does not charge any fees, account charges or order fees. The issue premiums (agio) which are customarily incurred when purchasing funds are also completely omitted. In addition to classic, actively managed funds, favorable, passive index funds (ETFs) are also available.

As a result, CASHBOARD is significantly cheaper than traditional offline providers, such as branch banks and asset managers.

For pros: The Total Expense Ratio

The Total Expense Ratio (TER) is particularly low

CASHBOARD’s objective is to provide you with as many asset classes with ideal conditions as possible. Different financial products have different product costs. These are costs that CASHBOARD neither levied nor can change. Equity funds for example charge management fees. We use the Total-Expense-Ratio (TER) in order to make these costs transparent for you.
The TER is expressed in percent and states how much of your invested amount was used for fees. By the way, most investors are unaware about the product costs of their financial investment because these fees will not be invoiced but are rather deducted from the funds assets or profits. In turn, this (often hardly noticeable) changes the funds’ return.

Favourable and transparent: Summary of every portfolio’s TER

Portfolio "RealEstatePlus"

0.00 %

Portfolio "ETF"

0.15 %

Portfolio "return-oriented"

0.54 - 0.56 %

Portfolio "capital protection"

0.54 - 0.58 %

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