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We are no bank. We are your digital independent advisor.

CASHBOARD combines all asset classes…



Call money





Real estate



Money market funds


… and composes the right investments for you in one account.


The offer is enormous. There is the right investment for every investor, but not every investment fits every investor. A provider only advertises his own products. To find the best offers is difficult.


Between all the different asset classes (call money, real estate or funds), CASHBOARD does not only find the right one for you, but finds also the provider with the best products. Everything with only one click and in one account.

Your advantages

CASHBOARD is no bank, no asset manager and has no own financial products. And this has only advantages for you:

We open a German bank account in your name at your partner bank ebase (subsidiary company of comdirect). CASHBOARD has no access to your money or your investments. Furthermore, the access to your money is not bound to CASHBOARD. Even if CASHBOARD does not exist anymore, your investments are kept safe at a German, fully licensed bank, under the statutory Deposit Protection Fund.

There are no transactions that you have not explicitly agreed to in advance. CASHBOARD offers you the best solutions from currently over 6500 products. You specifically decide about where and how much to invest. If you are not satisfied with one of our suggestions, just deselect it. If we notice, that your investment should be optimized or the market has changed, we will get in touch with you. Thus, you are in full control paired with maximum convenience.

As an independent intermediary, we only benefit if you are happy with our suggestions and make profits. To emphasize that, CASHBOARD does not cost you anything until you make profits. As simple as that: no costs, only 10% performance fee in case of profit.

We pass on cost savings to you

Banks &
Product Partners

independent marketplace

Your bank account
with ebase

Every investment intermediary receives a commission. But CASHBOARD acts independent of the various commissions. We use these commissions to pass on cost advantages to you, which enables us to offer you a free bank account without asset management and transaction fees.

Registration in just a few steps

Fill out our registration form

We ask you only once for necessary data to open your free investment account. Transparent, and everything in one place.


Choose a method of identification

CASHBOARD offers two methods for personal identification for the respective bank account: VideoIdent (via webcam with one of our employees) or the traditional PostIdent method, offered by Deutsche Post.


Open an account

Your account is opened with our German partner bank. Afterwards you immediately receive the online access data and all important documents via mail.


Start to invest

You choose your investment strategy and the CASHBOARD algorithm will propose your tailored portfolio with the best investment products. You decide how much money to invest and all transactions are executed automatically. Sign up


The best-in-class solution

Market Leader

Biggest independent investment platform with +1000 % active clients in 2015

Highest Return

Best performance of all german online wealth managers ( test as per 31/07/2016)

Fairest Charges

No account or depot fees, instead only 10 % profit-sharing

Any questions left? CASHBOARD is here to help:

by e-mail, chat or phone

+49 30 208475810

(operational hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm CEST)