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Biggest independent investment platform with +1000 % active clients in 2015

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No account or depot fees, instead only 10 % profit-sharing

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Your CASHBOARD account can be accessed from anywhere at anytime without leaving the house.

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Berlin-based CASHBOARD GmbH is one of the leaders in financial technology in Germany. Together with our partner bank ebase (subsidiary company of comdirect) we provide highest security for your data and your money. CASHBOARD is backend by top tier investment companies from Europe, Asia and North America.


All your money and assets are kept safe in your personal account and depot by the account-holding bank (ebase). Therefore the legal deposit-guarantee applies (also for more than € 100.000).


We do not only use the modern portfolio theory but also the latest information technology and best-in-class solutions. All our software is monitored and audited permanently. Thus we can offer the highest standards in security.


CASHBOARD is a technology provider and will never have access to or authorization over your money or assets. We do not receive front-end loads and do not charge our customers any fixed or hidden fees. We only charge 10% profit-sharing. So our customers can be sure that CASHBOARD only works for their individual profit.

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